What is a Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a way to get paid to generate leads for your primary business.

For example, let’s say that I am in a network marketing business and it takes time to generate income.  I begin selling an inexpensive product that is a generic training product to people looking to earn money from home.  By so doing I earn money and generate a lead.

You can also give away free items to generate these leads.

Many funded proposal systems exist, but they require you spend money to make money.

For that reason I created my own.  My primary business requires $400 in order to join the business.  I meet many people who do not have money to start this business.  So I use a funded proposal system to help them generate their money so they can join my primary business over time.

The funded proposal that I use I created myself.  It is completely free and it can put $35 in the pocket of your prospects in less than an hour.

By doing this you put money in the pockets of your prospects and this is super motivating.

I invite you to try out using the TeachMomHow.com system as a funded proposal for you and your team.

Check it out here.

I Paid Off $45K of Debt in 2.5 Years Applying This Principle.

Why are you interested in earning money online?
In a recent email I shared with you my why.  I shared with you how I am very literally fighting for milk.
I invite you to think about what an extra income would do for you.
Please be specific by responding to this email and answer the following questions.
  1. What would you do with an extra $100 per month?
  2. What would you do with an extra $300 per month?
  3. What would you do with an extra $600 per month?
  4. What would you do with an extra $3000 per mont?
I encourage you to truly think about what this extra money would do for you and reply to this email.
How would this extra money make you feel?
What would it do for your family?
How would you spend it?
I promise to personally reply to your email when you respond.
You literally only have to do three things in order to make money through the Teach Mom How system.
However, you must do these things every single day, or at least five days per week just like a job.
So if I could guarantee you would make money by doing three simple tasks everyday would you do them?
The answer is maybe.
You will only be motivated enough to act and to act consistently once you know and can articulate what you are fighting for.
So what are you fighting for?
I will tell you the three things you need to do every day to make money online tomorrow, but first I want you to take the time and share with me why you want to do this.
Why are you doing this?
If you can’t put into words what you are fighting for then it doesn’t matter what program you are involved in.
If you don’t know why you are working to earn money from home then you will NEVER make a dime.
For example, in an email I sent a couple of days ago I showed you step by step how you could earn over $35 in less than one hour.
Most of us would kill for a job that pays $35 per hour and yet I gave you one.
I showed you step by step how to earn this money and never once asked for you to take out your wallet.
I showed you step by step how to earn this money while you were watching TV with your friends or family and yet you did not do it.
This is because you have not clearly defined your why.
You have not clearly defined why you want to earn this extra money.
You have not visualized what you would do with that money.
So, PLEASE, for your sake and the sake of your loved ones. 
Take the time now to write down your why.
Write down how much money you want, why you want it and what you will do with it when you have it?
See yourself already in possession of it.
Then share it with me.  So I can better help motivate you to act.
People either act or get acted upon.
Let me give you a personal example of the power of a personal why.
If I offered you a job where you had to go knock on doors, get yelled at, get spit on, get bit by dogs, get sworn at and get kicked out of various towns.
Also, this job I’m offering you requires you to knock doors for 7-10 hours every six days a week.
You will walk for miles every single day.
You will live in the streets.
You will do all this in 100-117 degree weather with 80-100% humidity.
If I offered you this job would you take it?
I was offered this exact job in 2011 and I took it.
I know, I know.  What loon would accept this awful sounding job.
Well, I did this job for three years.
For roughly 4-6 months of the year my life was hell.
i was yelled at, bit by dogs and shunned and mocked day in and day out.
I lived in the streets.
I melted in the 117 degree heat of Fort Smith Arkansas.
So why, you might ask would I do this?
I did this because I had a really strong why.
I had over $45,000 of debt and I could not even pay my minimum payments.
I had a wife, a daughter and a second child on the way.
I had to make some changes in my life.
I had to change my financial situation.
So I took a job nobody wanted.
Heck, I didn’t even want the job.
But I knew what I was fighting for and I saw an opportunity in door to door sales.
So I took the job.
I paid of $45,000 of debt in two and a half years.
I did this all because I knew what I was fighting for.
So what are you fighting for?
Why are you doing this?
Why are you not doing this? (that might be a better question.)
Talk soon,
Curt Clapier

I’m Fighting for Milk.

In the movie Cinderella Man.  Russell Crowe’s character makes a comeback in boxing and is given a shot at the heavyweight title.  He is asked by a reporter why this time would be different than the last time he fought for the title.

His answer surprised the reporters.  Watch below to see what he said.

So what does this have to do with you and I?

If you don’t know what your fighting for you won’t ever accomplish your goals.  You will never fully reach your potential.

Do you want to earn an extra supplemental income? Do you want to replace your current job?  Are you in need of a job?

You must know what you are fighting for.  I invite you in the comments to state what you are fighting for.

I’ll go first.

I have a wife and four kids. I’m a high school teacher.  Teachers don’t make enough to get ahead. I am fighting for the future and financial security of my wife and children.  That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.  My wife will NEVER have to work and she will always be able to stay home with our kids.  Her having time with them is more important to me than money. Unfortunately, however we need more money than I can make as a teacher.  For that reason I am building my home business.  That is the milk that I am fighting for.  In fact, my kids drink for or five gallons of milk per week so one might say that I am literally fighting for milk.

Please, decide what you are fighting for.  Decide why you are here. Then, take action. Take consistent, daily action towards your dreams and goals.

I invite you to start here and learn to earn online.

If you will follow my program you will start out earning about $3 per hour.  Yeah, I know it is not an impressive number, but it is an honest number.  If people in the work from home industry would be honest with you most of them tell you that they make $0 per hour.

The $3 per hour that you will make from day one will grow quickly if you will be consistent and best of all it is work you can do while you are sitting on the couch watching a movie.

Also, you will make over $35 in your first hour with this program without spending a penny.

So why aren’t you moving?  Why aren’t you working on this?

Either, you don’t believe me or you don’t know what your fighting for.


I will do my best to gain your trust, but it is up to you to discover what you are fighting for.

Do you need milk?

Shopping List December 1-7 2013

Here is my shopping list for this week.  I will let you know how it comes out in a video later today.  I wanted to post this ahead of time in case anyone wanted to give it a shot before I go shopping.

If my calculations are correct I will get over $176 dollars of groceries for around $86.25 and that includes two big boxes of diapers.

Click here to see my shopping list.

Black Friday (Saturday) Over $100 of Groceries for $50

Today on Black Friday, 2013, I went Grocery shopping and bought $103.91 of groceries for only $50.38.  Year to date I have saved $124.53.

Here’s what I bought.


      1. 4 Bags of Lays Potato Chips $8.  You get $1 back in rewards making them $1.75 per bag.
      2. 2 Boxes of Chex Cereals for $1.79  each then I got $1 back per box in rewards and I had a coupon for $1.10 for every 2 boxes making them $.19 per box!  
      3. You can find this coupon or a similar one here. Warning: you cannot search this site you just have to look around in the food category.
      4. 4 Scotch Brite Spunges 2/1$
      5. M$M’s 2 for $4.  You get $2 back per 2 you buy with a limit of 2 +UP Rewards.  That makes them $1 per bag then if you get two of these dollar off every two bags coupons you will get 4 bags of M&Ms for only $.50 per bag.  You can get the coupon here.


      1. 5 Jack’s Frozen Pizza for $10.  These are regularly  $3.99 per pizza.  Add this coupon and get another dollar off for every two.  If you can get two of these coupons then it will make them $1.60 per pizza
      2. 2 Boost Protein Drink Sixpacks. Buy one get one half off.  They are on sale for $8.49 a pack.  If you find the packs that have the instant rebate of $1 and print a couple of these coupons it will get your cost down to $8.75-$9.75 for two 6 packs.
      3. 4 Boxes of Nice Gelatin for $1.00. No coupon.
      4. 2 Bottles of Nature Maid Vitamins for the price of one.  Add an additional dollar off buy printing these nature made coupons. 

Hope you find this helpful.  I’ll see you on monday when I do this all again.

Asparagus, Tomato and Spinach Frittata

Julie Van Rosendaal shares her recipe for Asparagus, Tomato and Spinach Frittata, a baked Italian egg pie, much like a quiche but without a crust. It has the same characteristics as an omelet, but is much less finicky since you cook everything together at once in the pan.

Author: goodbite

Duration: 163

Published: 2012-04-12 18:23:55

Asparagus, Tomato and Spinach Frittata