Home Business Tip for Monday August 31, 2015

This is possibly the most practical and easy to apply tip I have given in this series.



My Story in Network Marketing by Curt Clapier

This is the first video in a series of videos that will teach you the strategies that will help you generate leads for you business, get people to buy from you even when they say no to your business and more.

This is my story in the home business industry. I hope you will listen. I hope you can relate. I hope I can help.

Click here to learn more about the system mentioned in this video.

Click here to learn more about the system mentioned in this video.

I recently heard this on a webinar with Bert Bledsoe, a home business guru I follow. I may be saying it different than he did, but this is what I got out of it. We should consistently do some thing to better our ability to help our teams.



Say Thank You Saturday.

I thought that this Saturday I would share a super simple tip with you that could drastically change your business.

The tip is this.

Say thank you with a card. Say thank you to everyone with a physical card that you mail to them. In today’s world this is super simple to do.

This strategy made millions for Joe Girard, the greatest car salesman who ever lived. Why wouldn’t it work for you?

I use an easy to use app to send custom thank you cards and gifts right from my phone.

Here is a video that shows how the app works.  It is only four minutes long so take a looksy.

Click here to learn more about this awesome card sending app.

Click here to learn more about this awesome card sending app.

Quick Thought For Your Weekend.

Hi Friend,
I just wanted to share a thought thought you this weekend.

When you’re just starting out in business and marketing who would be the perfect mentor?

What would that person do to help you in your business?

How would that person train you?

What would that person do to ensure that you had success in your business?

Can you envision the perfect mentor for you?

If you can’t take the time to decide what that perfect mentor would look like and act like.

Now, go out and be that perfect mentor to others.

Become the helper that you wish to have in your business and you will have success.

You become that perfect mentor and coach by learning the things you don’t know and perfecting the things you do know.

I encourage you to make the time this weekend to learn something new so you can begin the process of becoming that perfect helper to your team.

You can start learning this 10 minute per day Instagram Blue print for success.

Click here http://curtclapier.instabizbuilder.com/

It’s a free training on how to generate leads with Instagram.

Click here http://curtclapier.instabizbuilder.com/

TGIF friend!

I’m tired of all the BS.

I spend a lot of time in the work from home groups on Facebook.
That is one of the places that I network and meet new people.
Remember, the goal is to meet ten new people each day.
So while I am in there I say the most shocking and misleading ads posted.
They all say, “FREE MONEY….”
The ones that say FREE MONEY are all full of S@#$.
What is sickening to me isn’t the fact that people would post these things.
It is a given that they would do this.
What is sickening is how many people respond to them wanting info.

Many people are hungry for change, but few are willing to work for it.

For that reason the get rich quick schemes and the do nothing and get rich offers are so appealing to so many people.

Well, as Thomas Paine said “Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods.”

In other words what is worth doing and what is worth achieving, like financial freedom, is not going to come easily or effortlessly.

I know it is sexy and appealing to claim “FREE MONEY” or “WORK ONLY 10 MINUTES A WEEK” or “NEVER PICK UP A PHONE” or “NO RECRUITING.”

But this simply does not exist.

The process of building a home based business is simple, but not easy and not quick.

If we are being honest you need to follow a consistent plan for one year to see real growth and create true momentum.

So, I invite you to use the same system that my team and I have used to create hundreds of full time income earners.

It is a simple system.

1. You meet 10 people every day.

2. You share value with them that will help them in their business.

3. You have some kind of tool or training that you can sell them when they need it so that you can make money from those who don’t want to join your business because of the fact that they already have their own business.

If you do these three things for one year you will not only have a successful team in your business, but you will have an additional stream of income from those who don’t join your business.

Sound good right?

Sounds a little confusing?

Well, we explain the system in full detail in our webinar today.

There are two times to watch the webinar.


Click here to register for our Freedom Webinar where we explain our full system and strategy.

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It will be the best hour you ever spent.

I am NOT a top earner.

I try to be brutally honest in my emails so here goes.
I’m going to tell you something that most people I meet online would never tell you.
I am NOT a top money earner in this industry.
I do NOT make enough money to do this full time.
I have a full time job.
I’m a teacher and a coach.
In other words, I’m just like most of you.
I tell you this in hopes that you can relate.
I tell you these things in hopes that you really will take and apply what I teach you.
I may not be a top money earner, but I am surrounded by them and guess what?
I am copying them and I am getting results.
I have a dream of becoming financially independent and I am being ridiculously consistent in doing so.
There are certain things that I do every single day that I recently started doing in my business that have changed my business and will change yours.
If you apply what I will share with you in this email.
About two to four weeks ago (I’m not sure exactly) I decided I was going to change my financial situation.
Because, contrary to what most people think, teachers and wrestling coaches DO NOT make a lot of money.
So I made a conscious decision to make a change in my life.
There are three things that I now do every single day come hell or high water.
Since I started doing these things I have generated over 85 leads for my business.
This gave a much needed new life blood to my business.
I had pitched the business to everyone I knew who would listen.
I did exactly as we are trained to do by our uplinks.
I made my list and invited.
Four people in my hot market join my business in about 60 days of presenting to friends and family.
The results I got were not bad, but not great.
The problem I had at that point was that those four people weren’t really interested in building a business.
They liked me and my product so they joined.
So I still had no active team builders in my business.
My business was going to die if something did not change.
So what I did next was super simple and I can do it in 1-2 hours of work per day.
I became ridiculously consistent at three things.
I urge you to become consistent in these three things.
Do them daily for 90 days.
Do them daily for one year and tell me if your business and financial situation have not changed.
So, are you ready for the three things?
Here they are.
These are the three things I do every day.
1. Give value to my list. (that’s you guys. I try to help YOU in YOUR business each and every day.)
If you have missed any of my emails and would like to review them you can do so here http://mlsp.co/l2o5i

In fact, if at any time you want to view past emails that I sent you  this is where I archive them http://mlsp.co/l2o5i

2. Create a piece of content that gives value to the home business community. 

This might be a quote, it might be a video about how to meet people on Facebook, or it might be a blog post.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but every single day I create something of value and share it with the home business world on Facebook, instagram and on my blog.

The key to this is to sincerely try to help people.

3. I meet ten new people every single day.

The key to this is not how you meet people it is who you meet.

You must meet people who are already in this industry or already wanting to be in this industry.

When you make your list of friends and family most of them will not meet this criteria.

If you don’t understand why I meet 10 people every day who are already in our industry then that is cause you have not yet attended my Freedom Webinar.

If you haven’t attended the Freedom Webinar you are leaving money on the table.

And if you are leaving money on the table please send it to me instead.

I accept Paypal and all major credit cards.

But seriously, get off your BUTT, and attend the damn webinar.

Actually, you can stay on your BUTT.

It’s online.

You can register here

== > http://curtclapier.mlsp.com/presentation

We do two performances today and two tomorrow.

So don’t be lazy, or be lazy, I don’t care.

Just be on the webinar.

It is less than one hour long.

Again, you can register here.

== > http://curtclapier.mlsp.com/presentation

Success, and go Kick some butt in your business today by doing these three things.

1. Email your list.

2. Create some value and share it with the world.

3. Meet 10 new networkers.

Do these things every day and you will finally be glad that I email you every day.

I know some of you wonder why I email you nearly every day.

Well, now you know why.

I hope I give you enough value that you will change how you do business and start raking in the cash.